The Aboyne Highland Games identifies us as a neighbourhood. We have no town hall and no mayor. Many of the most respected members of our community sit on our committee. It has been our annual games that has given us a profile far better known than many local villages of similar size. But what is ‘profile’? I believe, in our case, it is the association and pride we have in two things.

The first of these is our strong endorsement of the arts - the celebration of music and dance and in particular how this effects children and young people. What an exceptional opportunity we provide for them to learn, to practice and to perform. We all love to watch huge men tossing cabers but seeing the young excelling at the performing arts is thrilling. The second of these is our highly visible love of Scottish culture. We really do have tradition at our back. Scotland is the most colourful country in the world and in one visit to the Aboyne Games it is all there on display.

I tried to persuade the trustees of the Huntly Trust to donate the village green to the Games Committee but failed. I believe the second best result came about where we have a right enshrined in the missives to hold our games on the green of Charleston once a year in perpetuity. Not much in this life can be expected to last in perpetuity but if the Aboyne Highland Games continues to have the quality of management and the depth of commitment evident today in the Games Committee it may well defy the odds. I certainly hope so.


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