Committee of Management

Chieftain: The Most Honourable The Marquis of Huntly

Chairman: Alistair Grant Vice Chairman: Daniel Robb

Treasurer: Ian Rigby Assistant Treasurer: Martyn Paterson

Secretary: Morag McBeath

Banner Man and Standard Bearer: Gerry Robb

Committee and Roles

Piping, Dancing and Fiddle: Dr. Jack Taylor (Convenor); Messers: Paul Anderson; Adam Coutts; Stewart Davidson; Robert F Dinnie; Mike Forbes; Alistair Gerrard; Peter Henry; Alan Honig; Edward Humphrey; J.M. Marcus Humphrey, C.B.E.; Harry Leith; Lewis Lilburn; Kenny McPetrie; Graham Ross; William Shand; Ian Smith, M.B.E

Heavies: Murray Brown (Convenor); Edward Anderson; Alfred Bruce, M.B.E.; Gordon Coutts; Gavin Dinnie; Mick Henson; Steven Robertson;

Lights:Neil Fyvie (Convenor); Dermid Arthur; Fred Forsyth; Justin Grant; Miles Newman; Ian Paterson; Allan Perry; Norman Wright

Hospitality, Sponsors & Guests: Ian Duguid and Wilson Forbes

Arena: Frank Coutts (Convenor); Assistants: Allan McConnach; Stuart McConnach; James Michie

Media / Programme Editor : Neil Meldrum

Car Parking: Ron Hay

Fairground & Trade Stands: Mike Martin

Event Safety Officer: Daniel Robb/Lewis Lilburn

Child Protection Officer: Morag McBeath

Data Protection Officer: Morag McBeath

Honorary Members: Alex Anderson; Bill Anderson; Edward Anderson; Bill Barclay; Robert Blackhall; Richard Dingwall; Robert Dinnie; Heb Ferries; Henry Gray; John Hislop; Calum McDonald; Bert McIntosh; William Milne; Angus Ogston; Stuart Robertson; Ian Scott; Robbie Shepherd; Dr Thomas M. Stewart, M.B.E.; George Strachan; James Tawse; Charles Thomson; David Thomson; Neil Williams.

Youth Forum: We have a team of committed youngsters who assist with the Junior Games on the Wednesday night prior to the event and then again with the actual Games on the Saturday.

As well as the Committee listed there are many others who help before, during and after the Games. We are indebted to the helpers in the Secretary’s Tent, the Scoreboard Operators, Gate Keepers, Car Park Attendants, Programme Sellers and Stewards. Trophy Guard is Sandy Cowie and Scott Raeburn manages the Overseas Visitors’ Tent with the assistance of Karen Martin, Brian and Alison Saunders, Julia Nicol. The Committee wishes to record its heartfelt appreciation of the invaluable assistance given by all helpers. Committee Members and others who erect the grandstands and other Games installations on the Green. After the Games, the process is reversed and all equipment is returned to the store.

Announcer: Graham Thomson


Highland Bagpipe Music: Bill Wotherspoon; James Hamilton; Duncan Watson; Malcolm Macrae; Stuart Samson MBE; Logan Tannock, Lewis Barclay.

Highland Dancing: Lorraine Ballingall; Rosemary Slater; Aileen Brown; Alex McGuire.

Dancing Pipers: Tim Ness; Ross Walker; Callum Brown;

Heavy Events: Gordon Forbes and Norman Marshall

Tug O’War: Alfred Bruce, M.B.E.; Bob Taylor; Cammy Taylor

Fiddle: James Alexander and Gregor Borland

Drum Major: Bill Barclay, Bert Summers.

Pipe Bands Attending: Ballater; Gordon Highlander Association; Lonach; Towie; Ellon; Huntly; Grampian & District; Deeside Caledonia, Somme Battlefield.

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