Special Notices

Fair Ground and Sports Arena

Aboyne Highland Games accept no responsibility at any time whatsoever for any accident, injury, or loss of life or property suffered by any person or persons while on the Green of Charlestown, Aboyne, or while attending the Dances in the Marquee on the Green of Charlestown, Aboyne and while in the Fairground section of the Green of Charlestown, Aboyne, or while using the side shows, shooting galleries, swings, roundabouts, booths, or any such apparatus in or pertaining to the said Fairground, before, during, or after the Aboyne Highland Games.

Daniel Robb is our official Safety Officer and Morag McBeath is our Child Protection Officer. They can both be contacted through the Secretary’s tent.


Any contract made with any trader on the Green of Charlestown, Aboyne before, during or after Aboyne Highland Games are out-with the control of Aboyne Highland Games and any such contracts are made by spectators on their own responsibility. For other than minor purchases, spectators are advised to obtain a receipt showing the name and address of the trader.


Upon the decision of each Competition, the successful Competitors will display a small flag – 1 Prize, Red; 2 Prize, White; 3 Prize, Blue; 4 Prize, Orange; 5 Prize, Green.
All Competitors must be ready and suitably attired at all times otherwise they will be disqualified. Whilst every endeavour will be made to keep to the above timetable, in the event of large entries some competitions may be late in starting.
No refunds of gate entry tickets will be given to competitors.
No person will be allowed within the arena except Office-Bearers and Convenors, Competitors when competing, and authorised Photographers.


Aboyne Highland Games has given no authority to take photographs for money. Spectators therefore, must make any such contract on their own responsibility.

Standing in Gangways

It is requested that spectators refrain from standing in gangways and open spaces in front of seated spectators. This particularly applies to the centre aisle of the enclosure.

Free Car Parking

  • Competitors may use the Business Centre car park as a drop off point for themselves and their equipment. All competitors parking must be at the main car park in the Castle grounds.
  • Visitors in cars should use the parking available within the grounds of Aboyne Castle: follow the signs on the A93. Shuttle buses will operate as required.
  • Touring buses should park at Aboyne Academy, Bridgeview Road.
  • Only disabled badge holders and exhibitors passes holders will be allowed to park on the Green. Exhibitor passes must be applied for, through the secretary, prior to the day of The Games.

Sponsors of Events

Aboyne Highland Games wishes to place on record its sincere thanks to the many Sponsors, i.e. names in the programme or who wish to remain anonymous, which have contributed such valuable and generous assistance towards the increasing costs of running the Games.


The flying of drones at Aboyne Highland Games is strictly prohibited, unless prior written authority has been sought and formally granted by the Management Committee of the Games. It should be noted that the use of such equipment is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) under their Air Navigation Order 2016, specifically Articles 94 and 95. Any breach may constitute a criminal offence and will immediately be reported to the Police and CAA with any offender liable to prosecution.


Aboyne Highland Games sales items, e.g. programmes, admission tickets, etc are for fundraising purposes to benefit the games and the people that attend.
N.B. Whilst Glenfiddich welcome the participation of young athletes, they cannot permit persons under 18 years to qualify (on a points basis) because they are under age for the consumption of alcohol.

Tents at Ringside

The Aboyne Highland Games have instructed their security staff regarding – TENTS, SHELTERS, UMBRELLA-TENTS, MODULES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT THE RINGSIDE (Inside or outside).
Separate Ladies and Gents changing facilities are provided out-with the Main Arena. Changing is not permitted at the side of the Arena or within the Secretary’s Tent.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection

Aboyne Highland Games have a Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy in place. If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of any child or vulnerable adult on the Green during the games please contact the Games Secretary at her tent and/or the Police. Aboyne Highland Games will not be responsible or liable for the supervision or care of any children before, during or after Aboyne Highland Games.
Parents and Carers must keep their children under supervision at all times.

Company Information

Aboyne Highland Games is a Company limited by Guarantee and  incorporated in Scotland with Number SC187424 and having its Registered Office at Ardachaidh, Horner Road, Kemnay, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. Aboyne Highland Games is also a registered Scottish Charity with Number SC040590.

Morag McBeath,